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Daniel: Menkes Disease

After Lucas missed milestones around nine months old, they sought help.  They were told to see a geneticist who thought because of Lucas’ unique hair texture that he had a copper related disorder.  

Brittney and Derik

Brittney and Derik share what SHINE syndrome is and how it has made an impact in their life.  Their daughter has been a joy in their life despite some of the difficulties that come when having a child with SHINE syndrome.

Wendy and Matt: Down syndrome

When Matt was only 3 hours old, Wendy was told he had Down syndrome. When we asked her how she felt receiving that news she told us, “I think I every emotion known, I was going through. I experienced shock, fear, trauma, devastation, anger. I thought, what did I do? Why me? I was afraid that my life had just been ruined’

Madison and Ty: Expecting a Terminal Baby

During a routine ultrasound, Madison and Ty found there was something was wrong with their baby boy. When they went to the specialist, they were told their baby’s bladder was large, and his kidneys were covered in cysts and had little to no function- a condition that...


TRAK is a specialized ranch that helps connect people with animals and their community.  They are located in Tucson Arizona and have been operating for 15 years.  Jill and Scott, the founders of TRAK shared their inspiration for starting TRAK.  Gerald also was able to talk to a few employees as well as a few parents of kids who have benefited from TRAK’s unique program.

First Annual Orange Socks Day Reaches Tens of Thousands

November 13th was the first of many Orange Socks days to come. Soon thousands and possibly millions will wear Orange Socks a symbol of inclusion for people with disabilities, and these families won’t feel alone anymore.

Summer Blackhurst

Summer Blackhurst


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