Madison and Ty: Expecting a Terminal Baby

Jun 27, 2023 | Diagnosis, Prenatal | 0 comments

During a routine ultrasound, Madison and Ty found there was something was wrong with their baby boy. When they went to the specialist, they were told their baby’s bladder was large, and his kidneys were covered in cysts and had little to no function- a condition that is incompatible with life.

Devastated, Madison thought about the possibility of carrying their son as long as she could, so they could donate his organs. They learned to qualify for organ donation, he had to be carried to 36 weeks’ gestation, and weigh at least 6 pounds- this became their goal.

After delivery, their son, who they named Cameron, was placed on Madison’s chest and she said it was “the most magical, best feeling in the whole world.” Doctors confirmed there was nothing they could do to intervene. Madison and Ty said they were confident Cameron didn’t feel any pain, and it was the best decision for them.

Ty said that when he got to hold Cameron that “it was perfect, the world was perfect, everything was right.” Cameron lived for two hours and 43 minutes and Ty says, “for two hours and 43 minutes the world was perfect.”

When asked how that experience changed their lives, Madison said “it puts everything into perspective, our lives are so short. I want to be so positive; I want everybody that knows me to feel my love for my son.” Ty said that it had helped him to appreciate time and people more. He said, “I felt a new kind of love that I didn’t know existed, and that was special, it was so special.” Ty said advice he would give is that “your wife probably knows best. She has the closest connection, and she knows things that you don’t know or can’t experience, and you should trust her. I chose that whatever my wife would like to do, is what we are doing do. And that was the greatest decision that I’ve ever made. He said you get to experience good things out of it. Do your research, listen to your doctors they have a valued opinion, they are looking out for you as their patient, but this is your life.” Madison says the best advice she can give is to just acknowledge that it’s the worst thing in the world. For somebody in that situation, I would say I’m always here. I know it’s terrible but I’m always here.

Ty and Madison love to talk about Cameron. They want to take every opportunity to talk about him. Ty says “everyone apologizes and says, “oh I’m so sorry I didn’t know you lost your son.” Which he replies “don’t apologize, let me tell you about him.”


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