Children with a disability need a hero

and it can be you.

How to Be a Hero

About Orange Socks

It takes just one generation to make a change. The Orange Socks movement inspires individuals to support parents and their children with disabilities. All we need is just one
HERO who is willing to champion the life of someone with disability to ultimately make a huge difference in the world and for generations to come.

Big changes start with the one.

When you donate or volunteer or even just wear Orange Socks

You are standing with people with disabilities.

Not just acknowledging their struggles but really getting to know them through Orange Socks stories — because at the end of the day we all just want to fit in.

You Can BeA Hero

Because of you – parents and their child with a disability will not feel alone. When you donate you choose what difference you would like to make in the community for the families and their child with a disability – Education and Advocacy.

Education & Awareness

Studies show the best way to teach kindness is to start young.

  • Assemblies presented by individuals with disability
  • Build Partnerships with Anti-Bullying Coalitions and Kindness Initiatives
  • Wear Orange Socks to Work days
  • Other activities hosted in schools, the communities and workplaces


When moms first get a diagnosis- especially in utero abortion is often brought up or they can’t find other parents answer their questions

  • Building online community of parents with special needs
  • Pamphlets in doctors offices educating parents on raising children with special needs
  • Attending Walk for Life on Capitol Hill

Meet The Orange Socks Kids

And the amazing caregivers you’re supporting

With our hundreds of parents’ stories of their children with disabilities and millions
of views, the movement to support, include and lift these families is just beginning. So many others to come will have a support system when they first find out about a diagnosis and, ultimately, as their children enter the school system and the work place.
Crush the misconceptions about disability. Start here and now.

Buy Orange Socks

World Orange socks day is NOV 13th

Wearing Orange Socks is your outward expression of your inward conviction to support these individuals. When people with disabilities see you wear Orange Socks they will know you love and support them, as will the rest of the community. All the proceeds from the socks will go directly to support even more families who have children with disabilities.







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Orange Socks Website


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