No one in this entire world knows how you feel.

Isn’t this the way you explain the fear and loneliness when first receiving the sudden knowledge that your child will be born with a disability or condition, or that your young child was diagnosed with one? Didn’t you notice the profound effects that began to take shape around you and your family when you heard the very word disability or condition?

The blessed part and the sad part of it all is that many do know exactly how you feel. There isn’t a day that some parent must face this journey, and like you, feel that every step they take, they take alone.

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Orange Socks is here to help support you so that you won’t ever feel alone again.

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One in Every 33

Did you know that according to the CDC, birth disabilities and issues affecting the structure or function of their body affect one in every thirty-three infants born in the United States annually? This means that every four and a half minutes, a baby is born with a disability or an issue affecting the structure or function of their body bringing it to 120,000 infants each year. And all through the research and hope, those affected work through it, make their way and live a happy life.

From the onset of learning this, you begin that unplanned journey that only takes shape with its bends, detours and curves, as you travel it. This journey may take you into a life often filled with difficult choices, many professionals and specialists and strong emotions. It will take you on a journey where you will find a strong desire for ongoing information, understanding, assistance and support, and this is why we exist.

Advocacy & Education

Orange Socks has been created to connect you with other parents who have a child with a similar diagnosis as your child from Autism and Down syndrome to some of the more unfamiliar disabilities like Jacobsen syndrome and Miller-Dieker syndrome. Others have walked your path and know what a diagnosis could mean for the future of your child or about how your child will make it through school or life.

With parent to parent education, you can make sound decisions as to how to proceed with childbirth or a younger child’s diagnoses, so that you can properly care for them in a very positive home. We want to help you from making a forum page available to you, providing personal stories to inspire and educate you, to actually getting connected to a support group or organization. Your best source of information is another parent in similar circumstance.

Strength in Numbers

There is no greater pain in your heart than the knowledge that your child has a disability or condition. So, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t be reluctant to use a support system. The message they give you and the emotional help offered is just for you, while you’re besieged with questions trying to understand a diagnosis. You’ll have thoughts and emotions you thought you’d never have in your life. Support can help prepare for that onslaught of emotions.

Hearing about your child or future child facing a disability or lifelong condition is like any big news that isn’t what you want to hear. You’ll need time for it to sink in, learn about what you are facing and then, seek the help you need. There really is strength in numbers. And eventually, it will be you who guides another heavy heart to the knowledge that there is life after diagnosis and it can be a wonderful one full of love and happiness.

Orange Socks realizes that even as your heart is heavy, there is hope, light and happiness in you and your child’s future. The unconditional love you receive from your child will say it all.