Ways to Help Create an Orange Socks Movement

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No movement starts without a voice. It starts with one voice and then eventually many voices are speaking out and standing up for the voiceless or the people who can’t stand for themselves. We need you to start this movement. To show individuals with disabilities they are our equals. We do this by rallying around them until more people include them and lift them in ways that are helpful. Not with pity, but with love.

There are a lot of ways you can raise your voice. The following are some ideas to start get the wheels turning. And also great ways to show individuals in your community how much you care. Invite them to participate have them bring a cake or talk at your event or on your social media platform.


Orange Socks School Efforts

Get the PTA involved, involve classes in competitions against one another, decide on day where the student body will wear orange socks, host an assembly.  During Orange Socks activities these activities you can fundraise or just promote inclusion.

  • An Orang Socks-a-thon “walk-a-thon” wearing orange socks gear and a banner, walking each new lap with someone new, with or without special needs
  • A fun social dance
  • A “fall games” event full of obstacles and scavenger hunts or more
  • A t-shirt design competition

Orange Socks Online Efforts

Always tag @orangesocks or use hashtags #orangesocks or #orangesocksday. Use social media to form group events or join parents support groups. The following are some ways to start the movement:

  • A social media frenzy where it’s a challenge to post as many fun photos of people wearing orange socks on as many social media channels as possible
  • Video yourself kick a bottle cap off of a drink while wearing orange socks (use #orangesocksbottlecapchallenge)
  • Create a live video or upload a video explaining why you or who you wear orange socks for
  • If you are a parent with a child with special needs send us video that says “what you most want people to know about your child with disabilities” and we will post it on our social media channel and show it in schools.

Orange Socks Workplace Efforts

One of the best places to promote workplace unity is to hold fun activities for good during the workday.

  • Everyone wears orange socks to work on a predetermined date
  • A challenge for everyone to have an orange socks sticker on the windows of their cars
  • A challenge to support Orange Socks on that day and order socks and subscribe
  • A pumpkin carving contest
  • A thanksgiving potluck
  • An auction (with donated goods or services)
  • Sponsored lunch
  • A potluck where everyone brings something orange

Orange Socks in the Community

Church groups, neighborhood gatherings, city youth councils they can all play a part in lifting the special needs community and uniting around great needs.

  • A bake sale
  • A garage sale
  • An Orange Socks a Thon
  • Gingerbread homes but with thanksgiving colors

Buy Orange Socks and Donate

Finally, help build the Orange Socks Community by donating or buying your own Orange Socks.

Orange Socks a Thon Handout


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