The Trip Of A Lifetime: Buddy

Feb 1, 2020 | Diagnosis | 0 comments

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Orange Socks is an initiative of RISE Inc.

RISE supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Recently we had the opportunity is bring one of our clients, Buddy, on the trip of a lifetime.

Buddy has an adventurous spirit and during his growing up years, frequently ran away from home, only to return later with the help of family friends throughout the community. When he was 15, he was placed in an institution, in a large city, hundreds of miles from his parents. While there he would sneak away from staff and catch a bus downtown. After several years, his mother wanted him closer to her and moved him into a RISE group home. There she could visit with him as often as she liked.

Challenging Behaviors are Only Temporary Limitations
At the RISE group home, his challenging behaviors were considered only temporary limitations. The staff absolutely adore him and his fun personality. RISE director, Tiffany, stated that 15 years ago she would have been “very nervous” to take Buddy to Disneyland, but last year he was able to go when RISE took many clients there. Buddy had never done most of the things a trip like that required, but with the support of the RISE staff, he was able to go.Buddy’s mom expressed that RISE was like “another family” to her and she would let Buddy go anywhere with Tiffany. So, along with his RISE family, Buddy got the chance to go on the trip of a lifetime.


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