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Trying to get your kids to wear a mask is hard enough, but adding a sensory sensitivity makes it even more difficult. Sesame Workshop, a nonprofit whose mission is “helping kids everywhere grow smarter, stronger, and kinder,” is working to help that. If you aren’t already aware, back in 2015, Sesame Street debuted a character named Julia who has autism. Now they are using this character to help teach kids how to navigate the pandemic. From videos that show a virtual play date with Elmo, to wearing a mask, and even how to handle changes for visiting the park for the first time, Sesame Workshop is working hard to help our kids learn the new normal.
Sesame Workshop is also taking the initiative and supporting children during this pandemic by creating a Critical Needs Response Fund which they use to “meet vulnerable children’s most urgent needs—whatever they may be.” They also have created a response initiative “Caring for Each Other,” that has many resources for parents and caregivers. They have community resources, games, printable activities, blogs on ways to explain things to your children, videos, and apps.
I really commend Sesame Workshop and their hard work in providing us parents with such great content. This is a new world we are navigating and it’s wonderful that organizations like Sesame Workshop are so dedicated to helping our children.

Gerald Nebeker, Ph.D. Orange Socks President 


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