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Having 8 kids at home, Halloween was a pretty stressful holiday. Trying to find eachchild a costume they would actually wear was a challenge. Now I only have my youngest, my daughter with Down syndrome, who is the easiest to please with almost anything. I remember last year my wife was at the store just browsing the isles with costumes to see if there was anything our daughter could wear. She found a pizza costume, and when she showed it to our daughter, she heard the familiar phrase, “You’re the best mom ever!” 

I know not everyone has it this easy when finding costumes, but hopefully I can help make it a little more convenient.

I have already applauded Target and other stores for their new adaptive clothing lines, and I’m ready to do it again because of their new Halloween costumes. Halloween can be a sensory overload for a lot of children, but with stores like Target, the costume can be one less thing you haveto worry about. From plush fabrics to wheelchair covers, there’s something that can meet any child’s needs. I’ve mentioned before how important it is for companies to be inclusive. It truly shows the differences that can be made in this world when people stop to think of others.

Gerald Nebeker, Ph.D. Orange Socks President 


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