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November is the month that I dwell on things I am grateful for. With the month just beginning, it made me think of all the wonderful families I have had the opportunity to meet. Each family has expressed gratitude for their children. It made me want to share the joys these families have shared with me.
7 Ways to Find Joy When Your Child has a Disability

1.Seeing them overcome things that you thought weren’t possible
2.Even the smallest accomplishments bring so much excitement
3.They radiate joy                                         

                                     “He’s just sunshine.”


4.They bring love, empathy, and understanding to your family
5.They teach tolerance, patience, and love
6. Just being with them, and experiencing life through their eyes

      “The joys have come in little packages, like things you wouldn’t expect.”

7. They show you true unconditional love

Sometimes it seems like the world is only full of negatives. But when we look to our children, we can see all the positive things our world has to offer. During this holiday season, I urge you to find at least 7 joys your children bring to you each week and share them with us.

Gerald Nebeker, Ph.D. Orange Socks President 


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