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At times throughout the challenges of raising a child with a disability, it can feel as though we are alone. It’s easy to think no one understands. However, although each family’s path is unique, there are many who are sharing the same struggles and grief. Instead of sharing my story with you again, I asked one of my daughters to share a little bit about her story and some of the ways she seeks help and understanding:

“I have been blessed to be the mom of an incredible nine-year-old with Down syndrome. He brings more joy, love, and happiness to our family than words can describe. However, there have been tough times too. Raising a child is difficult, raising a child with a disability is even harder. 

I have been able to use a variety of resources that have helped my family in the process of raising our son. I am part of three different Facebook groups. They all serve a different purpose and have helped us at various times. 

I have turned to each of these pages with numerous questions. These groups have thousands of parents who have been down the same path as me. It is such a great comfort knowing I can turn to these groups and find doctor recommendations, advice, or just vent about frustrations. They are my village helping raise my wild, loving, crazy, goof-ball son.”

At Orange Socks, we love to hear and share stories from you. We also love to share any resources that are helpful to you. Your story or resource submission could make a world of difference to someone looking for their “village.”

Gerald Nebeker, Ph.D. Orange Socks President 


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