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Following a car accident that left her with brachial plexus palsy in her right arm, Tiffany Yu realized a group of people were left out of the diversity conversation; people with disabilities. During her senior year at Georgetown she began “Diversability,” a movement to get more people talking about disabilities. She relaunched this idea in 2015 to be able to reach more people. She firmly believes that people are more than their disabilities, and her organization proves that.

Diversablity has three pillars, the first of which is Connect: “… we bring people with disabilities and allies together and create a space where everyone is included and everyone matters.” The second pillar is Showcase:  giving recognition to people and organizations that work to advocate for people who have disabilities. And the last pillar is Empower: “We encourage our community to dream bigger and do great things. We oftentimes underestimate our own abilities, but it’s amazing what people can do if just given the chance…” Although it can be scary to find out your child has a disability, you can find comfort in the fact that you are not alone. There are many people who share your concerns and there are also many people, like Tiffany Yu, who are advocating for your child.

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