Jobs for People with Disabilities

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Employment opportunities for people with disabilities have grown over the past several years.  More companies have become more inclusive to find jobs for people with disabilities. 

Jobs for People with Disabilities

Can People with Disabilities Have Jobs?

Yes! People with disabilities are very capable of learning new skills and performing various job tasks. Many companies are excited to provide employment to people with disabilities. While this is great information, you might be thinking, “Ok, but which companies will hire me or my child and how do I find them?”

Luckily there are many wonderful resources that help connect people with disabilities to companies that will provide employment. 

Ticket to Work

This is a government program that provides training and support to those who are on SSI benefits ages 18-64. Ticket to Work connects people with disabilities to employment support services. 

All of the services Ticket to Work provides are free and allow people with disabilities to explore employment opportunities while keeping their SSI.  People with disabilities can gain skills and meaningful employment experiences that can help find long term employment.

This website is full of amazing resources that connect you with employment opportunities. One resource in particular is called Source America. This website provides detailed information about where to find non-profit employers who are making a difference by providing employment for people with disabilities.

Federal Jobs

According to, there are many federal employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Some of the benefits for working for the federal government include: nationwide jobs in various career fields, offer a non-competitive hiring process, and they provide reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities. 

RISE Services

Another great job opportunity for people with disabilities is through RISE.  This non-profit helps people with disabilities find employment opportunities and helps provide support staff and training to help the individual become as independent and successful as possible. 

The support staff for RISE helps advocate for people with disabilities by working in the community to find employment opportunities and help provide the specific training each individual needs.

Why Does Someone with a Disability Need to Work?

Just like many adults, finding and maintaining employment is a meaningful way to fulfil a desire to learn, grow and provide a sense of independence for yourself. People with disabilities are no different! Most have the same desires to be as independent as they are capable of.

There are many amazing companies and people who are making a difference to provide employment for people with disabilities. Allowing yourself or your child to work not only provides the opportunity to learn and develop new skills, it also allows our communities to see how capable people with disabilities are. It furthers advocacy for inclusion and breaks down stigmas for what people with disabilities are capable of.


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