Hearing Screenings: Why Are They So Important For Your Child?

Sep 15, 2020 | Resources for Infants, Toddlers & Kids | 0 comments

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With the hustle bustle of “back to school,” important screenings are often overlooked. Did you know that it is highly recommended for your child to have a hearing screening or test at the beginning of the school year? Doing so is not only beneficial in the short term, but will also influence how successful your child will be in the future, both socially and academically.

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You may be thinking, “my child passed their newborn hearing screening, does their hearing really need to be checked again?” The answer is yes! Even if your child passed their newborn hearing screening at birth, there are times when they may need to be re-screened or formally evaluated by a pediatric Audiologist.

Sometimes a hearing loss develops gradually, and other times a child may be born with a hearing loss, but it is not noticeable until they get older. Listed below are some behaviors that parents can be on the lookout for, as these points may be suggestive of a possible hearing loss.

  • Your child isn’t meeting their speech or language milestones
  • Frequent ear infections
  • Your child is always asking ‘what?’
  • Your child consistently turns up the TV, radio, and computer/tablet volumes
  • They ask you to repeat things often and closely watch your mouth
  • They demonstrate difficulty talking on the phone and understanding conversations
  • They display delayed social development and self-esteem
  • Poor academic performance

It is important to remember that every child is different. As their caregiver, you know your child best! However, if your child is experiencing any of the behaviors above and you have even the slightest inkling that it could be their hearing, please schedule a hearing screening with your child’s pediatrician or an Audiologist!

For more information on hearing screenings, please visit the ASHA website.

If you have any questions about hearing screenings or hearing loss, please contact the Collaborative Corner Auditory Verbal Therapist, Erica Clark, at erica@collaborativecorner.org or visit the website!

Erica Clark, M.A., CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVT
Speech-Language Pathologist and Certified Auditory Verbal Therapist


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