Follow Friday- This Little Miggy Stayed Home

May 18, 2018 | Newsletter | 0 comments

Listen to the Podcast Interview

We started featuring inspiring companies/people every Friday on our Instagram and Facebook, and decided that our blog would be the PERFECT place to do it as well.

Follow Friday wouldn’t be complete without spotlighting Miggy. You may remember, We were fortunate enough that she also shared her story with us about a year ago. You can listen to or read her interview here.

Miggy has AMAZING blog she is a mom of 3, and uses her platform to connect and relate to families who have a child or children with disabilities. Miggy’s daughter, whom they refer to as “Lamp” was born with Microgastria and Limb Reduction Complex.  She shares their story on her blog, and about her experiences as an advocate and parenting a child with disabilities.

There are many reasons we love Miggy. She strongly advocates for her daughter, and other people with the disability community. She also educates people about disabilities and how to interact with them and their families.  She isn’t afraid to talk about the hardships and the things that aren’t too pleasant, she is real. She often quotes the dry witty, and hilarious things Lamp says, and uses the hastag #lampsays for people to follow along.


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