Follow Friday – The Hartley Hooligans

Jun 8, 2018 | Newsletter | 0 comments

Listen to the Podcast Interview

Gwen Hartley is a mother who we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to highlight for #followfriday. She is an incredible mother to 3 beautiful children. Her two daughters Claire and Lola were both born with Microcephaly, Asparagine synthetase deficiency (ASNS), dwarfism, cerebral palsy, Cortical Visual Impairment and Epilepsy.

On her blog Gwen talks about her family’s journey.  She talks about the joys, hardships and what life is like for them.   Gwen doesn’t sugar coat things; she is funny, honest, and candid about their life.  Her love and dedication to her family, especially Claire and Lola, radiates from her posts.  She has dedicated her life to helping her girls live the best life possible.

Orange Socks was lucky to be able to talk with Gwen about her story and amazing daughters. You can find her interview here.


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