Follow Friday- Catfish with Ketchup

Jul 2, 2018 | Newsletter | 0 comments

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The reason I chose to highlight this family for #followfriday was their kindness and acceptance for people with disabilities is incredible. Elizabeth and Travis are parents to 3 darling little girls. Josie, who they adopted, has Down syndrome. They were inspired to adopt Josie because of Elizabeth’s sister. Leanne has Down syndrome as well.

Leanne is, as Elizabeth calls her, “the worlds best Aunt”. Leanne refers to Josie as catfish with ketchup as nickname. How cute is that?? On her instagram page, @catfishwithketchup, Elizabeth documents their everyday life with candidacy and humor. I personally follow their account and look forward to every time she posts something. She also has a blog that focuses more specifically on the joys of having a sister and daughter with Down syndrome called ‘Confessions of the Chromosomally Enhanced

I love love this family and their acceptance and love for people with disabilities. They are one example of how much joy someone with a disability can bring into your family. So much so they chose to adopt someone with a disability!


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