February 2019 Newsletter

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When I first conceived of Orange Socks, I honestly had no idea what its impact would be. I knew, or at least I thought I knew, what might be helpful, based my own experience with having a daughter with a developmental disability. However, what I have learned during our two short years of being in the social media universe is that I had no clue. The experiences of parents are so varied, and their stories are so rich, that I am humbled to be part of it. I get to meet parents from all over the county who willingly share their wonderful journey with the goal of benefiting others.
Our social medial pages have been viewed over 12 million times and our stories have been heard and watched in hundreds of countries. In addition to the stories, we have placed flyers in a maternal fetal medicine department of a major research hospital, and we hope to place them in many more hospitals and medical clinics nationwide. We have partnered with an international adoption agency to tell stories of adopting to encourage more people to adopt children with disabilities languishing in orphanages abroad. We have also partnered with a sibling association to tell sibling experiences. And, we have been called upon to provide testimony in legislative and congressional hearings to share what we have learned with representatives.
Thank you for your support and for taking this journey with us.
Dr. Gerald Nebeker, President


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