“We, Daniel and Jeanette, are parents to an amazing two-year-old named Valerie. Valerie has had a rough start to her life; she has an undiagnosed genetic disorder. It remains undiagnosed not for lack of trying to find answers but because science has not advanced so much to catch up with Valerie. Valerie has epilepsy, hypotonia, developmental delays and depends on a g-tube for nutrition.

Becoming Valerie’s parents has turned our life around completely. Just when we think we are getting the hang of things, BAM! Things turn around again. We have never learned so much about life, pain, joy, excitement, confusion, helplessness, courage, and true love than we have with Valerie. She really has taught us more than we could ever teach her. Sometimes we do feel like we got ran over by a bus- physically and mentally- but then she opens those pretty brown eyes and smiles. That’s all she has to do, it’s all worth it.

We didn’t know she would have special needs before she was born but in all honesty given the choice and knowing what we know now about being special needs parents; we would pick her over, over and over again.”

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