Massimo is now 6 years old. Will be 7 in December. Massimo is in a mainstreamed classroom. He is in special ed first grade. Massimo reached a new goal so far this school year. He can now identify 23/26 letters of the alphabet by pointing!!! He is getting better at staying in his seat and raising his hand when he needs something. His speech is still difficult to understand but he is growing. He can dress himself, feed himself, brush his teeth (with help) put his shoes on, etc. Massimo is a very sweet boy. He loves to hug, cuddle, and kiss his mommy, daddy, and baby sister. He can play for hours with toys in the playroom and also with other kids. He understands a lot more than he can speak. He is not on any medications. Sleeps through the night with a pull up on. But he does not use one during the day. He is considered small for a 6 year old but loves to eat. Overall trisomy 9p affects his development and academic progress however I have learned to let him learn at his own pace. Don’t think about what ifs, or will he be able to do certain things in the future. I pray every night to keep him safe, happy, and healthy. Overall I am so proud of how far Massimo has come. He is our light and our purpose for living.

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