My son was born with Trisomy 9p on December 21st 2011.

He was born with fluid around his kidneys, 2 small holes in his heart, fluid in the brain, and a hyper-extended knee. All odds were against my poor baby.

During my pregnancy, I was asked to terminate him by several different doctors, but that was not an option for me. I knew I would love my baby regardless and give him the best life possible.

He is considered to be moderate to severely development delayed. But, he learned to sit at 10 months, and he was crawling by 13 months. He started walking right before his 2nd birthday.

I thank God everyday because he is doing so well now! He is not yet talking in full sentences but can say lots of words. He is walking, running, playing. He is a normal 5 year old. His speech is delayed, and he still wears pullups at night (he will be out soon!)

He attends Special Ed. Pre K and makes progress everyday! I’m so happy I didn’t listen to the doctors and I get to witness my miracle grow!

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