Treg is my only child, I was 23 when I got pregnant, even after I got back a positive on the genetic quad screening the doctor told me he was sure it was a false positive. Then when I tested again with cell free DNA and got another positive I just couldn’t help but wonder how? Why? Why did the lord think I could handle this? (Little did I know there was nothing to “handle”) I had never had a child before, I didn’t know what to expect with parenting; let alone parenting a child with trisomy 21. Then slowly, and on no particular day the lord blessed me with a peaceful heart. And I realized the lord knew just what he was doing giving me Treg. God made me the person I always wanted to become through Treg. I became strong, more spiritual, more loving, and especially more care free. He gave me thick skin and taught me that beauty has many different faces. I became the mom Treg needed me to be. And now instead of yelling at God in desperate moments asking why, I thank him for giving me the gift I didn’t realize I needed.

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