I was born three weeks early on June 22.1970. I had Snow White hair and these amazing blue eyes. The doctor who delivered me told my parents he thought I had albinism, but the specialist he called in to confirm his diagnosis laughed it off. He did not understand how someone with blue eyes could possibly have albinism. I was three before I received my official diagnosis.

This diagnosis didn’t change a whole lot except now my parents knew I could not see very well. Mom says she should have known because I always felt around blindly on the floor for my toys when she told me to pick them up, but she just didn’t have a clue.

They prescribed glasses that didn’t do a whole lot to help my vision. I made it through school despite some difficulties brought on by my low vision and somewhat different appearance. I graduated, went to college, got my driver’s license, and taught high school English for 23 years before I eventually had to retire because of my deteriorating vision. At this point, I picked up my pen and wrote my memoir.

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