A year and four months ago we brought home our new son Timothy from Bulgaria. We already had four beautiful children at home, but as a family had felt compelled that there was one more out there, one with Down Syndrome. We couldn’t have dreamt up this kid: Timothy has blown us away in every conceivable way! He makes every day full of laughter. He instinctively knows when someone is sad and can comforts them in ways that surpass understanding. He has never met a person who isn’t quickly a new friend. He calls me “Baba” instead of “mama” with his raspy voice and it melts me every time. He’s only four, English is his second language, and he started off in an institution, yet he’s full of empathy, he’s learning his ABCs, has a crazy clever sense of humour, and a rapidly expanding vocabulary. Every day we feel like there is this miracle unfolding, and we get a front row seat. Each of our kids has been an unspeakable gift and blessing, but Timothy is, simply put, the icing on the cake!

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