I feel so blessed to be having this angel with me! I was an active pregnant with no complaints or complications. Oct 8, 2017 was the day I felt dead deep inside.

I was begging Dr to go for cesarean. However, she convinced me for a normal delivery and I was in labour for almost 12 hours! And finally, I was in the labour room and I was trying so hard to push baby out and not more than few minutes, I lost consciousness.

My baby was stuck in the birth canal for almost 20 mins and the doctor went for emergency episiotomy and got the baby out.I was waiting for my baby to cry.. but he is not even moving.

The doctor immediately gave oxygen to the baby and some medicine, he go to breathe but still not able to cry! He is into NICU for almost 20 days where  the doctors confirmed that he had a brain damage due to lag In labour.

I hav no words to express my sorrow …. I cried every minute for him to be normal. Then, we started being strong, taking care of him like other kids.

Now, this angel is showing so much improvement with physiotheraphy and medicine. He is 15 months old now and is abl to sit with a little support ❤️

No matter what, and how he is… I love him more than anything else !!!

He is an angel for my life who changed me forever! 💝

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