Our sonographer said, “I think this baby has something wrong with it”.

Multiple scans showed short arms and legs and a ‘barrell shaped chest’. They gave the diagnosis of skeletal dysplasia and we were referred to a consultant.We were obviously completely devastated. The consultant gave us our options, and we decided there was no way we could end the pregnancy. Against the doctors advice, we decided to continue. We had to give her a chance, I had felt her move and I just couldn’t end it.

On delivery day our gorgeous princess silently entered the world.She was quickly shown to us, and then was whisked away. She had a good heart rate, and they were able to put in an airway. As soon as I saw her I just burst into tears. She looked directly at me and held my finger as soon as I put it in her hand.

X-rays and scans showed that she had small fractures in her arms and legs and multiple fractures on her skull which was extremely thin.The next morning our doctor gently told us there wasn’t anything else they could do to help her. Her chest was just too tiny to cope and wouldn’t be able to support her to breathe. She was also properly diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

The devastating decision had to be made to remove her ventilation. From then on we took her from her incubator, and cuddled, kissed and loved her.Those few hours are the most precious of my life and I will treasure them forever. After they removed her ventilation, Rosie stayed with us for a further 30 minutes and then went to play in the angel garden, 28 hours after she came into the world.

Rosie changed our lives in those hours she was with us and because of Rosie, our hearts will be that much fuller and our lives that much more enriched for having her join our family. I am so grateful to our doctor for doing everything she could for our darling Rosie, she looked after her so well. Since Rosie was born we, along with lots of support from family and friends have raised over £23,000 for various charities in honor or Rosie.

One of the special ways we now remember Rosie Is by asking friends and family to write her name in different places around the world, she has travelled so far!

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