Our second daughter, Alice, has Down syndrome, and was diagnosed after she was born. To say the least, we were shocked and a little scared and overwhelmed. This was new to us and different from our first child. But despite all the feelings that began to take over, I knew God had a plan. He sent this beautiful little girl to be mine. To be my daughter. How amazing is that. Yes she is different, and not what we were excepting but she is more than we could have imagined. And although she has a disability, I set no limits for her. She could not be more loved or more supported.

Alice just turned 9 months old a few days ago. We are still new in our journey with her but our life is more blessed and more full because of her. Yes, there are fears and struggles that come along with raising a child with Down syndrome. But there are moments of triumph and excitement and pride as well. Just as there is with any typical child.

This journey has led us to meet so many new and wonderful people, to advocate for our daughter and others like her, to speak up about the joys and blessings of knowing someone with Down syndrome. Because we are all more alike than different, and there is nothing down about Down syndrome.

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