Natalie was born at 35 weeks, my water broke around 10pm on March 11th. We were so excited but also so nervous ! We hopped in the car and we drove to the hospital, March 12th I was induced as labour wasn’t processing
naturally. Unfortunately, the birth was traumatic and Natalie was left with Spastic Diplegia – Cerbreal Palsy (CP)

The next 18 months were the hardest months of our life, we had no clue why Natalie wasn’t hitting milestones she would just lay there, all while having a cute, enthusiastic smile at us. Finally at around 8 months I knew something was seriously wrong when she wasn’t even attempting to sit up. Eventually after some back and fourth we got an appointment for an MRI in July and by that August we had a diagnosis of spastic diplega cerbreal palsy !! FINALLY ! We had some relief, we knew what was going on at 18 months old and we could finally get the help we needed with a diagnosis!

Natalie is now almost 3 in just a few short months and we are so excited to start her journey! Natalie works so hard every single day with phsyio and stretches ! We are currently in the process of being approved for a life changing surgery that could possibly give her the ability to walk independently! The surgery is called selective dorsal rhizotomy! The doctors will go into her spine and test and cut all of the nerves that are affected which control her lower half. In turn, this should reduce her spasticity and allow her to walk flat footed and get her balance!

Natalie’s dream is to be a ballerina and we will make that happen with hard work and determination !

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