Mia was my second baby. During my 4 month of pregnancy I got the best news I was going to have a baby girl I was really excited but during the exam the doctor told m she was having some heart issues but she didn’t know why. After I decided to do a blood test to know if Mia had Down syndrome the test came positive. I was really sad and scary because I didn’t know anything about Down syndrome I thought the negative things. I cried my whole pregnancy until Mia was born that day it change my life for good. Mia was a precious little girl who had everything we need in this life 10 fingers in her feet and hands. For me there were no difference between her and her older brother. Mia was really healthy besides her heart she had a PDA close in November 2017 everything came good. After that she was just having her therapies. She impressed me because she seat by herself and she started to stand up with help. She didn’t have physical therapy at all until I find one after she turned one. Unfortunately something unexpected happen on Friday 08/10/18 she got fever that we thought it was a virus. On August 12 ,2018 Mia passed away from Meningitis. She change my life for good I miss her every single day I still don’t understand why she left so soon but I know God knows what he does and she is my Angel now. Just remember that no matter how God send them we never know what would be our last day with them. We need to care and love them until the end. I never thought loosing a child but is the worst a mommy experience. 😔🦋
#Savedownsyndrome #Specialneedsparentforever

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