“I kiss this scar every day. I know every line, every bump, and it’s perfect. I’ll forever be grateful for his amazing Doctors and their care and love and the way they fixed up his back in-utero. It still amazes me how they do it.
Spina Bifida is nothing to be feared. Whether you qualify for the fetal surgery or not. What is meant to happen will happen. As I raise awareness through Camden – it’s also tied to Pro-Life. I rarely talk about this on social media, but it’s part of awareness because the abortion rate for Spina Bifida is 65% nationwide and over 80% in Vegas where we were diagnosed and where Camden was born. This is unacceptable and extremely heartbreaking. I watch Camden every day prove Doctors wrong, talk up a storm, take life on full force with a smile through it all, fulfilling his life mission that he was sent here to fulfill. HIS LIFE. His chance to see this beautiful world,
To love and be loved.”
– Mindy

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