After an early prenatal ultrasound our excitement turned to fear and worry.

The pocket of fluid at the back of her neck was measuring larger than normal, and later doctors discovered an abnormality with our baby’s heart. At 34 weeks pregnant we were told that she was not measuring up to gestational age.

On August 30 2014, our family was blessed with our beautiful baby girl, Mila. That day marks one of the happiest but also one of the most stressful. Many tests were done due to Mila’s abnormal features. We saw many doctors that day who did not have any answers to our questions.Continuing without any answers, we were sent home.

We went to a Geneticist appointment, where Mila was given a clinical diagnoses of Cornelia de Lange syndrome. As emotional as it was being told that our little girl would have many obstacles in her life, there was a sense of relief for us to have a diagnosis. Over the next year we worried whether or not our child would eat, sit, crawl, walk, or talk but decided the diagnosis given would not define who she was.

Mila brings so much joy and endless smiles to our family and to whoever she meets. Our little peanut is the happiest, most courageous two and a half year old.
Our family has learned to appreciate the little things in life, to take one day at a time, and to expect the unexpected. Our tiny and mighty little girl with the biggest of smiles, changed our world forever and we would not change a thing

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