I was told at my 28 week ultrasound that my baby would be born missing his right hand and forearm. Having previously had a son stillborn, i was less upset about my babies diagnosis than most of the people around me. I was just so greatful that my baby son would be born alive. At 34 weeks, i was offered a ‘termination’ to which i obviously declined, but wss so offended by at the same time. To me, my son was alive, and therefore, perfect.

I spent the next few weeks until his birth researching limb difference and looking at photos and videos of others in a similar situation. I spent time talking to and showing resources to my other children so that they might be as well prepared as they could be for their brothers birth. And when he was born on December 22nd 2014, thr whole universe shifted and my little piece of perfection, Malakye, was born.

Fast forward 2 years and Malakye is nothing short of AMAZING. He is healthy, happy and cute to boot. Not only that, he has smashed his developmental milestones and continues to learn each day. He is filled with confidence and his cheeky and happy go lucky attitude makes him such a pleasure to be around. I cant wait to see what malakye does next.

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