When we received the news that Maddux would be born with the birth defect spina bifida, our worlds were turned upside down. And just when we came to terms with the fact that our son would have a disability, we were hit with more unexpected news that he also has dwarfism.

It’s a hard pill to swallow, hearing that your child is going to be born different. When we first received the news that our son, Maddux, would be born with spina bifida, I was speechless. The doctor proceeded to tell me my three options: “You can carry to term, which is very risky and he will require immediate surgery after birth; you can see if you qualify for fetal surgery; or you can terminate the pregnancy.”

I could’ve never imagined the incredible support system we would find through reaching out to complete strangers. Instead of judgement, everyone reached out with open arms.

I am incredibly grateful for the overwhelming support from our family and friends. When I start to feel really sorry for myself, I realize that this is not about me. This is the fear taking over and this is me worrying about all of the things I have no control of. I am learning that we really have very little control over anything (which is extremely difficult for a control freak like me). Instead, I’ve come to appreciate the beauty of what’s in front of me.

My little boy has the sweetest smile I have ever seen and his infectious laughter has me crying tears of pure joy. His witty personality has me laughing hysterically and it is in these moments that I know he is going to live an amazing life. He is perfect in every sense of the term.

I will constantly remind my son of his value and how loved he is. I will remind him that his father and I wanted him so badly and that God doesn’t make mistakes. I will raise him to accept that everyone has their differences and that is what builds our character and makes the world go round. I will be his biggest advocate for the rest of his life and I can only hope that with all of that, he will never feel alone or that he is any less of a person.

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