Finding out we were expecting was the most exciting news. 2 years prior to this pregnancy we lost our daughter. She was born at 24 weeks and was born with a heart defect and crushed our hearts forever. When we found out we were expecting it was pure joy. We were having our rainbow baby. Elena was born on August 31 2018 at 27 weeks. The pregnancy was very high risk and it was a very rough journey. At 5 months after a level 2 ultrasound. They told us that there was a possibility that our baby might be born with Down syndrome, or some kind of genetic abnormality. They gave us the choice to terminate or go through with the pregnancy. Of course we chose to go through with it without hesitation. We began to see a genetic specialist who later confirmed that the she did not have Down syndrome. Elena was finally born. She was perfect. She spent 82 days in NICU. A week before she was relased, the genetic specialist and many other doctors sat my husband down and told him that our daughter was born with a missing chromosome. (Chromosome5q14.3) They told us that this genetic abnormality is called Microdeletion syndrome, and it comes with many health issues. We learned Elena would have speech delay , trouble walking, epilepsy, and a learning disability. Elena is only 5 months. But she is healthy. She hasn’t had any seizures. She has trouble with eye contact. But that is something her teacher is helping with. Elena has classes every week that help her with growth development and learning development.  We have high hopes for her and we learn from her everyday.  Elena is strong and she has proved that from the very beginning. Kids with special needs are stronger than we think. They are stronger than us. And they are fighters.

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