If you want to share Azies story…
A’zLynn or Azie was born March 2017. We knew at her 20 week ultrasound that she had a problem with her heart and brain. We were shocked. We had 4 healthy boys already. We were told our daughter would be severely brain damaged. Her heart problems were easy to fix. They do it all the time.

“Would you like to abort the pregnancy?” I could not believe she asked that. The look on my face answered her question. We spent a month in the hospital with nothing but bad news and a diagnosis, Azie has Kleefstra Syndrome. They knew nothing about it and gave us pages of info they got from google. After that the doctors would not operate and fix her heart. They gave her 24 hours to live. She lived for 7 months at home. She didn’t grow. She was taken to the hospital in November for respiratory distress. They were shocked she was alive! After 6 weeks of Azie getting sick and fighting, they decided she could have have heart surgery. That was the scariest day of my life! And she lived. She Thrived. Kleefstra comes with many complications, but they are fighters!! She is the happiest, most determined and fierce baby girl! She is a miracle.

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