I know social media isn’t everyone’s jam & I know it gets some flack. I also know others are totally against sharing their lives & that’s completely cool for them. For me & our situation though social media has been an amazing tool, especially since Kenai was born. I am able to connect to so many people going through similar situations, they help guide me through so many rough times & aside from that others constantly give words of encouragement, love & support. I don’t think things on this end would run as smoothly without all of the support we get from our social media family, the ones I know in real life & the ones I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting.
Kenai isn’t loving his bottle. Here in the hospital they are trying a syringe for his feed but he really isn’t a fan since that’s how he’s getting his meds. A mom friend on here gave me a tip a few weeks back to bring a little paper Dixie cups, game changer! @courtfindsjoyyou just saved us!! He only took an ounce but man I wish I could hug you right now!!!

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