“Caleb was definitely a “caboose” baby, arriving some 17+ years after his sister. We looked forward to life with a little boy, and imagined how interesting it would be as older parents. We had no idea how interesting it would really be!

Although there were some markers for Down syndrome during my pregnancy, we declined all invasive testing. The doctors weren’t pushy about “options”, but termination was presented as one of them. For us, there was no decision. God had given us a precious gift. A second go-round at parenthood, and a beautiful baby. Who were we to end a life?

At his birth, we were surprised by the diagnosis. But we decided early on that Caleb was here for a reason, and soon became advocates for people with Down syndrome and other disabilities. He has proven to be such a blessing, and has expanded our world to include some pretty amazing people. Some days are harder than others, but that’s just parenthood! Overall, life is good. Caleb is an active young man – friends, sports, family – he enjoys people and he enjoys his life. We couldn’t imagine our lives without him, or the joy he brings. #theluckyfew” -Karen

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