“My pregnancy definitely had it’s scares and challenges but it was also so beautiful and wonderful. I will forever cherish those 9 months that I got to carry my sweet Jude safe in my belly. I loved every kick, every hiccup and I treasure every memory. I now can even cherish the scary memories. I can look back on the fear that I felt and the words that I heard from doctors and be thankful that Jude is here and he is safe. One of the scariest thoughts in the world I had when I was pregnant was that I wouldn’t be able to keep Jude safe and healthy after he left his safe place. But now his safe place has become my arms and there is no better feeling than holding him in my arms everyday. I’m so thankful for his life! I am thankful for this entire journey, starting with my pregnancy when I first fell head over heels in love with him.” – Hannah

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