What would I tell my scared, worried, pregnant self about what life would be like today?

I would tell her, everything will be ok! Life is even better than I could ever have imagined. The thoughts I had about people with Down Syndrome are not even close to the truth I live with each day.

Jordan Grace is a happy little girl, she expresses her feelings very clearly with others and with me. If she’s hungry or thirsty she tells us with sign language, with words or both. If she’s mad she will half yell and half give you the stink eye. If she’s happy she laughs or smiles. If she wants to show her love she hugs or kisses us. If she’s adventurous she will try something new, on her own or with guidance. If she’s hesitant about a stranger she will burry her face on my chest and holds me tight. If she wants mama, she reaches for me. If she’s tired she will show you with her own creative sign. And so on. And she will do anything she wants to do just in her own time, and we are ok with that, because after all, we all do things in our own time .

I think my perspective about someone with Down syndrome was that somehow they wouldn’t know how to do all this on their own. I’m not sure why. They are human just like everyone else. Really they are more alike than different.

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