“Exactly one year ago today we were told there was something “wrong” with our baby.

We were told his hands weren’t opening and closing.

We were told he had Amniotic Band Syndrome.
The doctor sat down with me, held my hand and told me he was sorry to say our baby wouldn’t make it. “Bands around the hands” he said “no big deal” I thought in my mind. “Bands near the left ear and face” he said “NEAR not ON” I thought. “…and bands around the umbilical cord” he said “This is really bad” I thought… I will never forget his words after this “I’ll give you a day to process this news and I’ll have someone call you to set up a termination date”
I remember calling my mom telling her Jay wasn’t going to make it.

I remember her picking me up from the doctor’s office because I couldn’t stop crying.
I remember Jon meeting me at home and just holding me while I cried.

His words hit me hard “So we won’t be bringing him home?” A year ago today we started the long journey to bring our sweet baby home.

I DIDN’T answer the call from the doctor’s office the next day. I DID find a doctor who specialized in Amniotic Band Syndrome. Because of the wonderful doctor’s at Texas Children’s Hospital we had HOPE, they told us to continuing PRAYING and they would too.

They knew what medicine was showing and telling them but they also knew how big our God is.

The reason Jay is here? Because we knew we had to give God a chance at giving us a miracle.
Well of course you all know the ending… I’ve got my 8 1/2 month old in my arms right now ❤️” — Nicole, mother of Jay

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