We did not do any genetic screening during my pregnancy. We had done invitro, so felt confident about having a “healthy” baby. We were young and healthy, and we decided it wouldn’t change our decision to continue the pregnancy either way. I am grateful that I didn’t know until Indy was born, because I would hate to be faced by medical professionals who encouraged a termination of my baby girls life.

Now that I have her I can’t imagine my life without her. Every human being deserves a chance. In my mind that chance starts at conception.

This picture was taken on the hardest day I experienced in the NICU. I was so heartbroken I could barely breathe, and stayed in bed crying most the day. I could not bring myself to go to the hospital, so B went and stayed with her all day. I finally pulled myself together at 8pm, and went to see my baby girl. I picked her up as the tears started flowing, and I was reminded how perfect she was, how much she loved me despite my imperfections, and how much I loved and needed her. She then grabbed onto my Indy necklace to let me know how true that was. 💗

This has not been an easy road, but I would do every hard day over again, because Indy Llew deserves life. In exchange my babe is giving me the fullest life I could ever dream of, without question. So this family over here, we will always march for life

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