On June 20, 2018, I gave birth to a precious child, Gabriel. During my pregnancy, he was diagnosed with Alobar Holoprosencephaly, and the doctor said he wouldn’t make it after birth. Gabriel stayed in the NICU because he could hardly breathe. I visited him daily to feed him and cuddle him. My heart became woeful, I blamed myself for his suffering. 10 days later, they said I could take Gabriel home if I could learn how to feed him through a tube. I slept at the hospital for 3 days to learn how to feed my baby. At last, baby Gabriel is finally out of the hospital. I carried him in my arms and he slept until we reached home.

Everyone was so excited to see baby Gabriel. He is so loved by family and friends. When we went to see the doctor, someone made fun of of him. I cried as I cuddled Gabriel and told him, “We can make it.” The first night with baby Gabriel at home, I couldn’t sleep. I watched him throughout the night with tears running down from my eyes. There was something special about him. I kept telling myself “he can do it.” Gabriel has been in the hospital many times, but he still manages to smile and giggle. He’s super sweet and that takes away my sorrow and pain. Now baby Gabriel is celebrating being 5 months old!

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