My husband Michael and I have been married for 8 years and we have two children together. Our oldest son, Mason just turned 3 and our youngest, Finn just turned 2.

In August of 2014, Michael and I joyously walked into our 19 week anatomy scan when I was pregnant with Finn. Our joy was quickly turned to fear and devastation when we received a life threatening diagnosis for our unborn son. Finn had heart disease specifically, a rare combination of defects with a fatal diagnosis. We knew right away that we would give him every fighting chance and that chance paid off because he is here today. ❤

Finn did not enter this world without a fight. He spent the first 8 months of his life in the hospital and endured ten surgeries including one open heart surgery. Michael and I realized very quickly that most of what would happen to Finn was not in our control so we made the first of several big choices that have led us to today. We let go and let God. ❤

We tried to make every little challenge and every tiny bit of sadness something positive. Worrying was not solving tomorrow of its problems but instead, stripping today of its strengths. We surrounded ourselves with positive people, thought optimistically about even the most daunting of diagnoses and we didn’t take any moment for granted no matter what that moment looked like. Whether Finn was in the hospital on life support or at home on supplemental oxygen, we made it a priority to laugh, smile, sing, hug and take in every breathe and heart beat that Finn gave us no matter how difficult that may have been ❤

….. No matter what your life’s journey, lifestyle or status, life always finds a way to throw you some pretty challenging curve balls that can either make or break you. But really, it’s all about perspective. Start your day noticing the flowers in the vase and not the dust on the table.

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