“We had three boys biologically and even though they do not have Down syndrome, two of our boys have special needs. It was our journey with them through the struggles to learn to communicate and connect with their world that we felt our hearts drawn even more towards the special needs community.

Knowing the struggle and the joys that raising these unique kiddos brought.. we knew we wanted to be a family for a child specifically with Down syndrome. So we completed our home study and connected with the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network . Their heart and mission is to see that every child with Down syndrome has a chance at life and a place to call home.

2 months after being on the registry we were contacted about a little girl, yet to be born, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome as well as a complete AV/SD heart defect. Her parents didn’t feel equip to give her the home she needed… in fact out of encouragement from doctors and fear they had planned on aborting her, but abortion laws saved her because of her age in gestation.

They could have gone to another state that had a higher age cut of gestational wise, but they chose life for their little girl. They chose us to be her family, where she would be loved and taken care of and have siblings who would adore her. I am SO thankful that her biological parents chose life, in doing so they have blessed so many people unknowingly.

Faith is a bright ray of sunshine and loved by all who know her. I cannot imagine our life without her. Down syndrome is not scary, these children deserve a chance to live.. and they can live SO WELL! My heart is to see that abortion rate go down drastically.. to spread awareness that people with Down syndrome are SO WORTHY and that if a person really feels they cannot raise such a child that there are so many families who would LOVE to give a child with Down syndrome a home. Different not less!”

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