“My sweet baby girl. If I had know the wonder and joy you would bring me I never would have cried, I wouldn’t have felt fear and I never would have screamed at the universe for giving me something different. You are the reason my heart seeks compassion, you are kindness embodied. You have taught me to have the courage to expand my mind and heart to include possibilities I never dreamed of, acceptance of circumstances that I didn’t think were perfect. You have created a wider, fuller, richer life for all those around you and even though you are a tiny little baby, you have given those who love you an eternity of happiness. If I had been told all these things would come from a single, small extra chromosome I know I wouldn’t have believed it. With the lack of information comes fear, and with fear comes ignorance. I was so blind to what this journey held for us, but I’m not alone on that front, so many parents receiving this diagnosis are afraid and don’t know what is to come…. Expect happiness, expect love , expect mind blowing pride when achievements are made, expect deep rooted protectiveness, expect a blind sense of faith. Expect more than you are expecting right in this moment, because this ride is full of wonder and potential, both your child’s and yours. .

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to ones courage” – Anais Nin”

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