At 27 weeks pregnant I found myself in the emergency department with symptoms of preeclampsia (high blood pressure). While doing tests to assess me and my unborn baby girl, it was discovered that our little girl sustained a grade 4 brain hemorrhage at some point between a normal ultrasound at 18 weeks and 27 weeks. We didn’t know how or when. We were then told that we had three options; 1). Try to continue the pregnancy with the use of medications to lower my blood pressure and medications to help our daughter’s delicate lungs develop more. 2). Have a vaginal delivery. This was presented as the best option for my body to recover. It would, however, likely be too much for her body to handle and she would probably pass away during or shortly after delivery. 3). Have an emergency c-section. This would her her out quickly but it would take my body a lot longer to recover from the preeclampsia. We were encouraged to sign a DNR. We were encouraged to say our goodbyes. We were encouraged to let her go and move on. We didn’t listen. We had prayed and prepared for this little girl just like our other two. We wanted to give her a chance even if it still meant saying goodbye in the end. Our daughter Maddy was born at 27 weeks via c-section weighing 2 pounds and 1 ounce. She was so tiny and perfect. We were terrified. She spent the next 79 days in the NICU. Life has been full of unknowns and challenges, but we wouldn’t change a thing. Maddy now has cerebral palsy due to the brain injury. She uses a gait trainer and wheelchair. She is one of the biggest blessings to our family. God has used her in so many ways already. We are grateful for each and every day we get to spend with her.

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