“At 5 days old we finally got discharged from the hospital. BerkLee was only 4 lbs 13 oz and was taken c-section at about 6 weeks early due to complications.

A little less than 12 hours of being home Berk went completely limp and blue. Thank heavens I was awake with her. I proceeded to give her mouth to mouth after the 6th breath her eyes popped open and we rushed to the ER. Later to be air lifted to Primary Children’s Hospital. This is when we learned she had 3 holes in her heart and possibly Down syndrome.

I had so many emotions I didn’t even know my name. I hate admitting this but I mourned the loss of a “typical” child. It was really hard for me to find a way to tell our family of the T21 diagnosis as well as her heart problems.

Little did I know I hit the jackpot with this extra chromosome! We had open heart surgery at just 5 months old weighing in at 8 lbs.

The day of her surgery, she showed me what pure strength was. We left the hospital less that 72 hours after surgery! I think I hurt more than BerkLee. Now that we are healthy and growing, my girl teaches me more and more every day what pure, true, real, happiness really is. I wouldn’t change BerkLee or our lives for anything in this world. I’m rich beyond the monetary ability to define rich! I am most definitely blessed by God, she has a purpose in this life and that gave my life a purpose for pushing forward and being the best me I can be!!! She was sent to me on purpose, blessed me with her presence for a purpose and I live and love that purpose more and more every single day!”

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