My name is Emmanuel Lloyd a resident of Indianapolis, Indiana. I am a Pastor and Social Worker. I serve as National Superintendent of Kingsway Fellowship International (Liberia) with headquarters in Des Moines, IA and as Foster Care Case Manager of Damar Services in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Every year I travel to Africa, specifically to the Nation of Liberia to visit family and participate in religious and humanitarian activities. This last May of 2022, I was in Liberia and bumped into an old friend named Jehu Yates. He narrated a sad story of his daughter and I thought I should find good people to help her situation.

Jehu’s only daughter Augusta at 11 years old sometime in 2019 was riding a bicycle and fell down on one of her legs. That led to continuous severe pain and when taken to the hospital the Doctor ordered her leg to be amputated to save her life because it was cancerous. Her leg was amputated and she stayed in the hospital for about seven months. Augusta is now living with one leg. The sad part of is before the accident, she was going to school. Now she cannot go to school because her friends bullied her, laughed at her and call her all kinds of names which led to her almost committing suicidal. She now stays home and cried almost every day. Augusta is in real need of help. She need some artificial limb to normalize her life in any ways. That is why I am reaching out to you to see whether you can help.

You can reach me at: 317-702-4113 or reply my email: Thanks as I await your reply. Jehu has allowed me share her photos and medical records to people who would want to help.

Emmanuel Lloyd

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