Adaptive Shoes

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People come in all different shapes and sizes; this is a well-known fact. For most of us, finding clothing and shoes that fit aren’t an issue.  What about those with physical disabilities?  Unfortunately, those with physical disabilities have limited options or no options at all. 

Adaptive Shoes

If you are a parent of a child that has a physical disability, you know the struggles to find apparel for your child. Each child is unique and might have different needs. For instance, some children have different sized feet, or club feet. Some require more support for their legs and need extra room for their braces. 

Companies Choosing to Make a Difference

In the past few years, there have been several major companies that are now offering adaptive shoes to help those with a physical disability. The first company, Stride Rite, launched a shoe line called Journey. 

This line of shoes offers a wide variety of options to help each individual find the shoe right for them. The features Journey offers include: functional pull tab to easily put on the shoes, removable insoles to help adjust foot depth, longer adjustable hook and loop straps that can be cut for a custom fit, extra wide width to accommodate most orthotics, longer laces to allow for more room if needed and toe guard to protect from scruff.

Stride Rite decided to offer these adaptive options after hearing about a parent struggling to find shoes for her child with a disability. After many surveys and receiving feedback from families, who tested their shoes, Stride Rite was able to find the confidence to launch Journey.

Nike, along with Zappos have also launched adaptive programs of their own to help accommodate the needs of those with physical differences. 


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