5 Parent Blogs to Follow

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Nothing is more powerful than feeling validated, heard, and understood.  A parent who has walked the same or similar path as you can be your greatest most treasured resource.  We have five parent blogs who are walking the disability path and sharing their journey. They all have created a great place for parents and others to learn and create a sense of belonging.

5 Special Needs Parent Blogs to Follow

This Little Miggy

This incredible blog is about Miggy and her family’s journey with a daughter’s physical disabilities.  Her daughter that she refers to as ‘Lamp’ was born with all four of her limbs affected as well as microgastria.

Since Lamp’s birth, Miggy has created a beautiful segment on her blog called ‘Disability and Differences Spotlight’.  Miggy has interviewed more than 230 people with disabilities and families who have children with disabilities.

On her blog, Miggy shares what everyday life is like for their family, proving that Lamp’s disability doesn’t define who she is.

Fathering Autism

This blog is a unique video blog that documents a family’s journey with their daughter who is on the autism spectrum disorder.  One thing that makes this vlog so interesting is the candid approach to showing the world what their family is like.

This family doesn’t hold back on their challenges and joys of having a daughter with ASD.  The main goal of their vlog is to break the stigma associated with ASD and to show what she is capable of.

Noah’s Dad

When he found out this son was born with Down syndrome, Rick started a blog to document their journey.  He has three main purposes for sharing their journey: showing the world what life is like to raise a child with Down syndrome, exchanging inaccurate information with truth about people with Down syndrome, and finally to provide hope and encouragement for families who have just received a Down syndrome diagnosis.

On his blog, he also shares several Down syndrome resources, help with parenting, the therapy Noah is involved in, the milestones that Noah reached and what their family looks like.  He is truly helping share his journey and helping new parents come to term with their child’s diagnosis and how to find joy in their journey.

Have Wheelchair, Will Travel

This Sydney based family didn’t let their son’s disability stop them from traveling the world.  Up until their son BJ was seven, his dad was able to carry him in a hiking backpack while the family went hiking.  BJ then went to a manual wheelchair. They have become very resourceful in finding ways to adapt their travel plans for BJ.

This inspiring blog shows what hard work, creativity, and determination can do.  This family documents their experience traveling to help other families who are in a similar situation. They share tips and travel suggestions of where to travel if you have someone with a disability in your travel group.

Taking It a Step at a Time

As a parent to an adult with autism, Vickie wanted to share her unique perspective about what life is like for her adult child with autism.  She uses a candid approach to sharing what her life is like.

Vickie felt that little was talked about and shared about what happens to adult children with autism after they aged out of the school system.  She hopes to inform parents to start thinking a little bit about the future and what life might look like for their child.


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