Stand with people with disabilities November 13

So that instead of “You don’t fit in”, wearing orange socks shows people with disabilities “We stand with you.”

Wearing Orange Socks on November 13 Makes an Impact on a Global Scale

Children born or diagnosed every four and a half minutes with a condition. You can raise your voice for disability.

More than 100,000 people see Orange Socks Stories Every Month

Let’s reach more so millions can see the beauty that children and adults with disabilities and other conditions bring to the world.

Come Help Us Share the Love and Get Free Orange Socks

Get a free pair of orange socks for every 10 orders you make or with any donation over $50.

By Wearing Orange Socks You Are Committing To:

  • Suspend judgment, invest your time, get to know someone with a disability.
  • Ask them what they need when you interact with them – don’t assume.
  • Lead with love – this way other people will feel comfortable reaching out with kindness as well.
  • Refer to someone with a disability as a person first, disability second (e.g. say a child with Down syndrome not a Down syndrome child).
  • Stand up for others with disabilities. They are not second-class citizens.

Ways to Celebrate Orange Socks Day

  • Wear orange socks on November 13 and post it on social media
  • Email your friends and family to make sure you all match November 13
  • Buy orange socks for your friends
  • Make a donation – to support Advocacy and Education
  • Run a fundraiser in your office, at your school or in your neighborhood
  • Host a bake sale, garage sale or host a “Wear Orange Socks to Work” day on November 13 and have your employer purchase the socks
  • Post signs around town, in your business or church or school
  • Write the name of someone with a disability you “stand with” as a part of your donation and we’ll include your name and theirs on our donor wall

Get Your Orange Socks

Where the Proceeds go

  • Fund Inclusion Assemblies for individuals with disability
  • Support Walk-with-a-friend-a-thons in the schools (contact us if you want one at your school)
  • Help spread messages of inclusion and anti-bullying on social media (Orange Socks gets close to 100k monthly views)

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